Holding “I need a freelance web designer in Bromley who I can meet with”
Holding “In need of some local freelance devs for an up-coming large scale project ”
Holding “Looking to take on some additional work, what's on around me?”
Holding “I've just set-up as a freelancer. Need a local advisor to meet with and get started”

Find Local Freelancers

At last, you can now find and connect with freelancers in your local area.

With Freelancing Map you can:

Do like this by @freelancingmap. Pretty cool app that shows you a map of freelancers around the world. That's me! ;)
Luca Massaro Posted on Twitter
Liking the potential of @freelancingmap
Paul Silver Posted on Twitter
Liking the look of @freelancingmap. If you have any #freelance #projects then post them on this site.
Nick Tong Posted on Twitter
freelancingmap.com @freelancingmap - nice
Anthony Johnston Posted on Twitter